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[hek-suh-kawrd] - a diatonic series of six tones having, in medieval music, a half step between the third and fourth tones and whole steps between the others. Origin: Late Greek hexáchordos having six strings.


The Hexachordia trio recreates the instrumental flexibility that was a key feature of Elizabethan music making. The ability to play a number of different musical instruments along with the possession of a good singing voice was essential for professional and amateur musicians alike.
A special feature of our concerts is the use of the quintessentially Elizabethan instrument, the virginals, which Queen Elizabeth the First herself played. We combine the virginals with other important instruments of this 'Golden Age' including the lute and viol, cittern and recorder along with the harp and voice.
Hexachordia performs ensemble music featuring various combinations of these instruments echoing the practice of the time when it was expected that it was the performer, rather than the composer, who decided on the choice of instruments. Solo music for lute, viol and virginals also feature in our concerts exploring the rich tapestry of music written for these three important instruments. Lute songs and ballads are sung without vibrato with a natural 'chorister voice' lending greater clarity and transparency to the music and text.
All our concerts are structured around a chosen theme or event and include 'performed' readings from contemporary accounts, plays and poems providing, when combined with the music, a seamless narrative.
Our approach to this beautiful repertoire will appeal to those who have a well-established love of the genre as well as audiences new to early music.

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