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music and song connecting the past with the present

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Sarah Doig

viols, lute, vielle,

voice & recorder

Tony Scheuregger

lute, gittern, guitar

flute, recorder & voice

Jane Scheuregger

voice, recorder, bagpipes,

shawm, rauschpfeife & crumhorn

The Hexachordia trio offers a fresh approach to early music. We recreate the instrumental flexibility that was a key feature in music-making at the time. The ability to play a number of different musical instruments along with the possession of a good singing voice was essential for professional musicians. Each of us, therefore, specialises in a range of instruments of this period, allowing us to perform a wide repertoire of ensemble music in a number of different instrumental and vocal combinations.

In all our concert programmes, educational presentations and heritage work, we aim to put the music in its historical context, thus appealing to audiences new to early music as well as those who have a well-established love of the genre.

We invite you to explore our website further, including listening to clips from our various CDs, as well as reading some of the many lovely comments we get from the media, audience members and organisers.

HEXACHORD [hek-suh-kawrd] - a diatonic series of six tones having, in medieval music, a half step between the third and fourth tones and whole steps between the others. Origin: Late Greek hexáchordos having six strings.